Lake Adventures in Michigan

After the school year mercifully ended, Laura, McKenna, and I headed to the Brogowicz north house on Canadian Lakes on the first Monday of our break to enjoy summer in Michigan.

Tuesday was our first full day in Michigan, and we decided to go for an early afternoon cruise on the lake. Just after we got out on the lake, it started raining. Finally, fifteen minutes or so later, it stopped raining. Ha! Just kidding. This is the United States in 2018; it never stops raining. But we were able to enjoy the 45 minutes of non-raininess that occurred while more rain was traveling our way. The rainy 67 degree day did not stop everyone from enjoying the water.

This was the first time we had seen John and Diane’s “new” boat, purchased last summer, and we enjoyed the comforts of the boat rather than jumping in warm water and then freezing once we got out.

We returned to the house and took advantage of another gap in the rain to build a fire.

Quick! Hand me the roasting sticks, STAT!

Then there was the requisite impromptu dancing.

McKenna started dancing on top of the tire, shouting “I dance like Grandma,” a statement never before uttered by a child in the annals of history.

To celebrate the longest rain-free period of the day, we broke out some sparklers.

The next day, the sun actually made an appearance. By 1pm, the temperature was a scorching 72 degrees. McKenna was ready for the sun and heat.

Clearly, it was time for water sports. However, since the majority of the people participating were over forty, the water sports would involve…

The non-stop thrills and excitement of a mobile loveseat.

McKenna tried to fill the thrill void by enhancing the degree of difficulty in riding.

Others tried to enhance the experience through different means.

After the action-packed action on the floating loveseat, we were off to the beach for some relaxation.

We also were inspired to try out some alternate uses for the loveseat.

Warning: Improper use of this floating loveseat may result in sinking

This time out on the boat, McKenna was ready for the chill of the air after getting out of the water.

On our last day at the lake, Laura and I borrowed some kayaks. We figured getting some practice kayaking would be useful for when we returned to Richmond, which was in the process of getting pummeled by record-setting rains.

A few years ago, we had kayaked with children on the Pamlico Sound in North Carolina using a two-seater kayak. As it turns out, kayaking is one of many, many things that is easier to do without children.

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