Nomadic Yard Plants and 0% Rain Forecasts in Richmond

It’s Spring! Many people have spring traditions, like cleaning or purging; in our family, this is the season for moving plants around the yard the way some unfortunate souls move furniture.

Hope you didn’t put any roots down, foundation plants. No, seriously…

We’ve had a lot of practice moving plants around; a LOT of practice. Laura moves plants so frequently that I have had to cap the number of plant moves I’ll assist with, kind of like how as a teacher I have to cap the number of questions that Annoying Question Kid is allowed to ask each day. “That’s your last question, Josh. Are you sure you want to waste it asking if gold bullion is named after soup bouillon?” 

At any rate, with our marriage-saving plant-moving pact in place, we were able to get the original plants out of there. 

Just in time for the neighbors across the street to sell their house…

Friday rolled around and the weather forecast was great – a zero percent chance of rain. 

Time to plant some bushes that will be moved by Laura in two months!

Wait – surely that wasn’t a raindrop.  

Yep, that was a raindrop.

 But since the always trustworthy had reported a 0% chance of rain, certainly this would be a quickly passing storm, right?

Only if by “quickly passing” you mean “long lasting enough to create new bodies of water.”

 After dredging the front yard, the new, much smaller plants were planted in the former seabed.

For now…

Meanwhile, the old plants were making the circuit in our backyard, because the only way to tell where you REALLY want to plant a bush is to see it in 5-15 different places.

Try to imagine the plant on the left touching each of the rungs on the deck and you’ll get the idea.










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