From Bonfires in Caseville to Germs in Airplanes

By the Monday of our Caseville trip, power still hadn’t been restored, so people moved closer to the lake where they could bathe and/or pee without having to carry buckets of water to fill the tanks of our toilets, which were on a well. Oh, and there were some recreational uses of the lake as well.

Plus, on the beach, there were more entertaining uses for buckets than filling toilet tanks.

Apparently, McKenna is in some kind of sand castle witness protection program.

That night, Marielle and Robby invited everyone to Robby’s parent’s place for a bonfire on the beach. At this beach, there would be a port-a-potty, which provided an irresistible draw because it would allow people to urinate as frequently as they wanted without being conflicted over whether to fetch a bucket of lake water to fill a toilet tank or allow the yellow to mellow. Plus, there would be fire, and who doesn’t enjoy fire?


Of course, there’s a non-fire-loving outlier in every group

The day we lost power in the cabin, we devoted precious ice resources to preserving our s’mores chocolate, which paid off on this night.

After exhausting the s’mores supplies, the children turned their attention back to rolling around in sand, preferably before the s’mores stickiness could fade away.

Rolling down sand dunes when there was no water to take baths – some people just like to watch the world burn.

The amount of sand in the children’s hair probably exceeded the amount of sand used in Elyse’s armada of sand castles.

The sun set forever on clean sheets in the kids’ beds.

Still, the kids had a blast and managed to develop a solid technique for sledding down a sand dune without risking severe bodily injury. By about 9:45 we had full-on darkness, and Laura broke out the sparklers she had purchased at the Dollar Tree. Pro tip – don’t by dollar store sparklers. Only by sticking the sparklers in the heart of the bonfire, with its Mount Doom-like temperatures, could we get them to light. 

This Dollar Tree sparkler’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

The next day, Laura, McKenna, and I returned to the Detroit area in order for me and Laura to get everything ready for our upcoming trip to Europe. We had clothes to wash, electronics to charge, and flushable toilets to pee in. Plus, because of Laura’s recent colitis flare, we needed to make sure she had food she could eat in the airport and on the plane.

Nothing spices up a wait in Detroit’s airport like cold chicken, cold rice, and cold green beans.

One of Laura’s medicines suppresses her immune system (the medical term is that the medicine “modifies” her immune system), which meant that she had to be extra careful about germs on the plane. That would be difficult, since planes are where germs go to be fruitful and multiply. Unfortunately for Laura, the best way to do that was to be That Person on the plane with the anti-bacterial mask.

Tragically, because of the mask, Laura was unable to fall asleep until the plane was almost airborne.


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