Operation: Loungy Library is under way

Finally, after lots of planning, we moved to Woodlake on May 30. Unfortunately,  by the 30th we had lost several of our mover helpers due to out of town trips, weddings, and child birth. On the plus side, we had already packed the vast majority of our stuff by the day of the move and organized the boxes using Laura’s color coding system. 

There was an inverse relationship between the number of boxes in our house and the amount of food in the refrigerator.  

Our house on Iverson was closing in June 1, and we needed to close on that house before we could officially close on the new house. In order to move everything from one house to the other on the same day, we had to rent the new house for a few days, which meant that we’d be taking possession of the house before the sellers had a chance to take care of everything on the inspection report. The sellers had scheduled a contractor to repair the driveway on Saturday, the day of the move, and on the Friday before the move, our realtor called to ask Laura if that would be ok. That conversation went something like: 

  • Cheryl, our realtor: Would it be alright if the contractor came to fix the driveway tomorrow? You would have to park on the street.
  • Laura (voice rising): We would have to park the moving truck on the street?
  • Realtor: That’s right.
  • Laura (now almost yelling): And carry all of our stuff from the street to the house?!?!
  • Realtor: Yes. 
  • Laura (almost crushing her phone): I will personally kill the contractor if they try to seal the driveway tomorrow. No. NO. NNOOO!

Crisis averted. Early on May 30th, we got ready to leave the house on Iverson Rd. 

The first transport is away!

Soon 7,860,241 boxes would descend on this house.

Now it was time to pick up the moving truck, which we would be able to park in the driveway thanks to Laura’s murderous threats to the driveway contractors. Fortunately, Jason and his son Daniel arrived at this point to move our many, many boxes to the truck.   

We got the Iverson boxes in the truck pretty quickly, and after Jason, Daniel, and I emptied the truck at the new house, we were feeling so good about ourselves that we thought, “Hey, it’s only ninety degrees. How about we also move lots of boxes from my parents’ third floor attic?” And so we did. 

After suffering three strokes and the loss of functionality in my left arm, the attic was mostly empty. Or maybe this is just another heat hallucination.

On the way back from my parents’ house, I picked up a couch from Regan’s, a couch deemed by Laura to be critical to the creation of a truly loungy Loungy Library. All told, I drove the moving truck over 100 miles, which is amazing considering our old house and new house are 8 miles apart. Even worse than driving 100 miles was not being able to listen to my iPhone using the primitive stereo in the truck. Instead, I had to listen to the radio like it was the 1900’s or something. While I was driving, Laura and her mom Rita were getting the new house set up.

OCD for the win!

By about 8:30, the Iverson house was cleared out, and we returned to the new house to collapse.

Just looking at this picture is giving me the shakes from the PTSD.

The next day, all we had to do was unload boxes. How hard could that be?!

Hard enough that I immediately left the house to buy mass quantities of coffee.

Thankfully, we had my brother Mark as well as Anne and Carl coming for reinforcements. They had just a bit more energy than Laura, Rita, and I after the Movapocalypse of the previous day.

I can see the floor!

The moving has mostly been done at this point, and enough of the boxes have been unloaded that we can actually live in the house. Still, there have been some lessons learned in the new house. 

Only with the Internet did we find out that the third switch from the left turns the dishwasher on, saving the dishwasher from being murdered driveway contractor style.

And energy levels have been slow to return.

I vote we say screw the furniture shopping and never move from these chairs.



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