A Spring Recap

Spring is here! After 127 days of basketball practices, I now have some time to update you on all of the fascinating developments of the spring season.


In addition, I can allow my stomach lining to regrow after a championship game where we trailed for 26 out of 32 minutes. 

Learning from students is one of the great joys of being a teacher. Here, a student taught us the real reason for strained relations between Greece and Turkey today.


No means no, Turkey!

In what seems to be a Cosby tradition going back to the “Great Flood” three years ago, we have had an issue with the building that impacted learning. This time, the power went out for several hours. The administration announced that students should report to their classrooms for a “normal” instructional day.


Fortunately, when all of the students simultaneously used their phones to notify their parents of this emergency, it lit up the room like 1000 suns.


Not lit up – my keyboard.

In spite of the near-breakdown of civilization at the school, we survived and made it to Spring Break.


And now we will summon the spring spirits with the ritual dance around burning yard waste dressed as a super hero.

As part of the never-ending preparations to sell the house, we loaded up the car with garbage to take to the dump and were amazed to find that other people also wanted to clean out their trash on the very same day.


So THIS is that spring cleaning I’ve heard so much about all my life…

Some people tried to cheat the line by going around the cars and pulling in at the last minute. That type of thing transforms me into an instrument of justice, where every fiber of my being is devoted to denying those people their short cut. The level of focus that I experience is similar to Luke Skywalker’s when he trusted the Force to destroy the death Star, enabling me to maneuver my car bumper within a single air molecule of the bumper in front of me. I’m sure that the risk of a wreck is totally worth forcing those cheaters to wait an extra two minutes.

On Easter Sunday, we “hid” McKenna’s Easter Basket on the deck for her to find in the morning.  Unfortunately, setting food on a deck led the neighborhood feral cat population to converge on the basket.


“Feral cats, ASSEMBLE!!!”


McKenna was able to grab the basket just ahead of the catocalypse.

Leaving behind the feral threat, we went to the Easter Parade in Richmond.



After 1,731 failed attempts to have McKenna make a normal face in a picture, we returned home for an Easter egg hunt.


Hurry! The feral cats will be here any minute!

Anne brought supplies to make puppets with McKenna on Easter. Just five years ago, if Anne had shown up with crafting supplies I would have taken it as a sign that she had been replaced with a Russian sleeper agent.


“And here’s how we use puppets to promote the bluebird agenda…”

And as always, the holiday get-together was transformed into a photo shoot.


More proof that the millennial generation is not the most narcissistic generation.

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