Laura’s Purging Instinct Goes to Another Level


Some people just want to watch the world burn. And then purge the ashes.

After years of discussing getting ready for a move to a new home, Laura and I have finally started getting some of the rooms in the house ready as a preliminary step for our still far-off move. Step one, which seemed easy enough, was cleaning out the office. As we should have known from earlier projects, one home improvement idea just spawns another and another, especially when Laura discovers opportunities to purge. Which is always. After purging half of the office, it struck Laura that we should convert McKenna’s playroom, one of the bigger rooms in the house, into the office and vice versa. Only one thing stood in the way of Laura’s plan: the playroom couch.


The couch in its happier days.

The couch was far to big to fit through the playroom door. The only reason that the couch was even in the playroom was that the year we replaced the windows, we brought it through the giant window cavity.


The couch, in front of it’s birth canal window.

Clearly, if this couch was going to be purged from the house, and, by god, it was, then we needed to bring in the big guns.


Or this rather unimpressive looking saw.

Although Laura requested that Brian bring over a chainsaw to deal with the recalcitrant couch, he opted instead to bring over the much less messy and dangerous saws-all. Laura then initiated the sawing:


While less exciting than Laura’s chainsaw idea, our subfloor thanks Brian for his choice.

After getting some help from the fabric scissors, the Brian and the saws-all finished the job:


Our beautiful new love seat!

Fortunately, Brian was able to extract the saws-all from the house before Laura could identify other piece of furniture to dismember. But the saws-all episode still had some unfortunate consequences…


We’ve created the next generation of obsessive purgers. Sorry world. 

2 thoughts on “Laura’s Purging Instinct Goes to Another Level

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