Waterparks and Beefsicles in Michigan

On Wednesday, the clouds cleared in the afternoon and gave us a chance to go to the pool and slides at General Squier Park with Nana, Papa, Mark, Margo, Gayle, Jesse, and the boys. Some people went down the nice, safe slides at the waterpark.


This slide was appropriately watered to provide a lubricated descent.

And some people went for riskier slides.


That’s not water spraying up – it’s skin from Mark’s back.

Although there was some intermittent sliding during the day, most people retreated to the relative safety of the pool, where Miles learned some valuable lessons about water fighting tactics.


You see, Miles, equal weaponry does not matter as much as being able to bring overwhelming force to the key area of the battlefield.


Gayle has clearly become unhinged by the power of the water cannon.

After returning from the park, Laura, Gayle, Jesse, Mark and I went to Sherwood Brewing Company and Hamlin Pub for some drinks. When we returned to the house, we went down to the basement to give everyone upstairs a fighting chance of sleeping through Laura’s laughing. That’s where Mark and Laura discovered the wonder of… BEEFSICLES!!! Beef sticks that had been frozen in the basement refrigerator.


DRAMATIZATION: Actual Beefsicles may be smaller than depicted here

Laura and Mark had even more fun eating the beefsicles than these young children had eating traditional popsicles.


You know what would make these better? Partially frozen dried beef.

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