Europe Trip 2013 – Laura and I take 15 teenagers to London

Phase one of our trip to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome was a success as we all managed to assemble in Richmond International Airport with our super-cool trip shirts, demonstrating our awesomeness to everyone in the airport. After a bit of a wait in RIC, we took a puddle jumper to DC.

The trip was fast; by the time my iPhone powered on, it was time to power down electronic devices. Landing in Dulles, we navigated the maze of escalators to the secret underground shuttle location and made our way to the gate.

At about 11:30, we cleared the American coast and headed across the Atlantic. With a little over five more hours to London, it was sleepy time.

And here is our hotel. Unfortunately, the group coming in from Florida was late, and we had to wait for them to complete our tour group. That gave us some time to sample the cuisine that the Brits are famous for…
Looking around for a restaurant near the hotel, one thing was clear – the British really love chicken. Chicken restaurants were everywhere.

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