Cross country travel to Utah

Time again for the annual trip to the AP Reading. This would be my fifth year scoring AP World History essays, and I was flying out early with Jim to see some of the sights in Provo Canyon before the essay reading grind began in Salt Lake City. The first step was air travel, and that meant…


The rain outside Richmond International Airport the morning of our trip.

Tropical Storm Andrea. Unfortunately, we were on a small plane, and our carry on luggage had to be loaded through the outside hatch, which the air personnel did. Slowly. Even worse, Jim’s games were in his carry on. I thought he was going to smash the window with his fist to save his Glory to Rome game. We were close to a national incident involving Jim bursting from the plane to strangle the life of the crew member who failed to protect his games from the downpour. And the ground crew was slow enough that Jim could have exited the plane, loaded his luggage on the plane, and then returned to strangle the life out of each member of the ground crew. Eventually, in much the same way that a glacier creaps along, the ground crew loaded the luggage and games, and we made it to Detroit, just in time to retreive our wet luggage and sprint through the airport to the next gate for our connecting flight.


Flying over Chicago on our way to a much less entertaining city.

Leaving Detroit, we managed to find the sun over Lake Michigan.


Closing in on Salt Lake City, home of two or three fun things to do.

After landing, we picked up our car rental in SLC and then headed to our hotel in Orem. Due to poor planning, the AC in our hotel room caused the curtain to billow out. That was totally unacceptable, as the billowing inhibited both light blockage and room cooling, so Jim used two card trays and our ice container to solve the problem.


I knew those multiple college degrees would come in handy at some point.

Finally, we went on our first hike, at Grotto Falls. As Jim, pointed out, the run through the airport in Detroit lasted longer than this hike, but there was more to see here, including actual water on a waterfall.


Not pictured: Me slipping on a rock that octogenarians and toddlers had successfully navigated.


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