Memorial Day at Belle Isle in Richmond


On Memorial Day, we headed over the bridge to Belle Isle in Richmond. The plan was to have a picnic and maybe take a walk or something. We brought food, drinks, and an extra outfit for McKenna. What did not bring was a bathing suit.


McKenna, in a contemplative mood, wondering, “did my parents remember to put a diaper on me this time?”

Somehow we overlooked the fact that McKenna would be biologically driven to swim in the frigid water. The water was 68 degrees, but that was not a hurdle for someone with McKenna’s genes.


I can’t feel my feet! This is awesome!


I am loving these 68 degree waters. Or peeing. Either way, I am enjoying this immensely!


You know, I think I’ll stay up here.


As it turned out, that water might have been a bit chilly.

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