On Memorial Day Weekend, we figure out what is real and what is not real

Returning from Fredericksburg, we had a cookout at my brother Mark’s house, complete with grilled brats and burgers and young children terrorizing dogs.

There was one odd exchange worth noting during the cookout. At one point, my mom indicated an artificial flower like the one here:
Then, pointing at the flower, she said to my dad, “That’s fake, you know.”

My dad was nonplussed. He blinked a few times and replied, “I know.” It was a genuinely puzzling exchange. The flower didn’t look at all real, so did my mom think that my dad couldn’t identify artificial plant life even though several young children had already done so? Or had she only then had a eureka moment where she herself realized, “Hey, wait a minute, something’s up with this flower…” Even for two people who have done things like used a diaper to absorb a leaking van air conditioner and argued over who was responsible for the failed usage of a Pizza Hut coupon, this was unusual.

Of course, the “Bathroom on the Right” version of “Bad Moon Rising” already sets a pretty high bar for odd this weekend.

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