Late May in Fredericksburg

We headed to Fredericksburg on Friday for the first part of Memorial Day Weekend. Fortunately, no meetings or back injuries disrupted family time this trip.


McKenna fell asleep from the exhaustion of seeing Grandma for more than 38 minutes.

On Saturday morning, while Rita watched McKenna, Laura and I walked around downtown Fredericksburg looking for a place to get breakfast. We didn’t find the breakfast we were looking for, but we did find the desserts below. It’s kind of like how Bilbo accidentally finds the One Ring when he is simply trying to find a way out of the goblin caves. No, it’s exactly like that.


My preciousssss….

After “breakfast” there were some interesting conversations. Here are some of the topics:
What’s that smell in the hallway? The answer was that it must be dog crap because no human crap smells like that. I didn’t ask how one becomes an expert at the difference in the aromas of various feces.
Bathroom on the right: Let’s say that someone singing Bad Moon Rising at karaoke substiuted the words “bathroom on the right” for “bad moon rising.” Where would the substitution occur? Apparently, right about the 33 second mark.


Now that we finished our breakfast dessert, it’s time for more dessert.

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