A celebration at the end of Spring Break

This kind of has a “produced by a male high school student on the schoolbus on the way to school” vibe.

Toward the end of our Spring Break week, we went up to Fredericksburg to see Mark, Margo, Miles, and Drew before they headed back to San Diego and to celebrate Drew’s birthday. From Drew’s perspective, the birthday festivities did not live up to the hype, a fact that was foreshadowed by Margo’s “happy birthday” decoration.

Highlights of the party:

  • Anne yelling the following at Drew: “Don’t spit on the cake!” Drew, by the way, was turning three. In all likelihood, he hadn’t even considered spitting on the cake until the crazy yelling woman gave him the idea.
  • Laura giving the children the candles that had been blown out, letting them lick them, and then reinserting the candles in the cake. Don’t like spit on your cake? Checkmate, Anne.
  • Drew carried around one of the presents all day only to open the present to find the gift of… clothes. This was followed by Drew opening a card from Grandma:
  • Mark and Margo trying really hard to convey to Drew that this fraud of a party wasn’t the “real”party at all, and that he would, in fact, receive age-appropriate gifts at his real party next week.
  • Drew, don’t worry. You weren’t the only one disappointed at the party:

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the Star Wars fantasy I described.

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