Great Wolf Lodge

The highlight of the trip: the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. For those of you who don’t know, the Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park (among other things). Thanks to Anne and Carl for making the arrangements. That’s right – Anne voluntarily went to a water park. At least, it was voluntary as far as we know. Maybe Anne finally pushed Carl over the edge and the trip was some kind of elaborate revenge.

Wolves and swords... Kind of like a Game of Thrones where instead of people dying, peace and quiet die.

Wolves and swords… Kind of like a Game of Thrones, but instead of a lot of people dying, peace and quiet die.

Anyway, the kids loved the place, especially the water slides. They really loved the water slides.


McKenna, sliding down a water slide.


Drew on the same water slide, also loving it. In case you were wondering, there were a lot of slides. Those other slides couldn’t measure up to good old yellow slide.

Water Slides!

So many trips were taken down the slide that the adults had to tap in and tap out of slide duty from time to time.


Now it was Miles’ turn, but he was apparently disgruntled because all of this sliding didn’t appear on a single one of the dozens of lists created to set the trip agenda.




This seems strangely familiar…


I think by this time that McKenna had gone down the slide so many times that she reversed the flow of time, like Superman flying around the earth backwards.

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