Other Easter Lessons

Egg Lesson: Somehow, I had forgotten that young children are remarkably efficient at dyeing eggs, mainly due to their attitude that if any color adheres to the egg, then mission accomplished.

Did you soak the egg thoroughly in blue dye? Great! Did you then drop the blue egg in the orange dye? That’s awesome too!

Miles did get particularly attached to one green egg, leading to an emotional parting with the egg when we turned the eggs into egg salad. It was like he was putting down Old Yeller, only if Old Yeller’s master had then relished in cracking open his hardened exterior to make a delicious sandwich treat.

Easter Parade Lesson: Don’t go to the Easter Parade with young children if –
(A) It has rained at any point in the last 48 hours.

(B) your children have a special attachment to one parent and/or fear of the other.

(C) You aren’t prepared to drink heavily after you get home.


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