Be prepared…be very, very prepared.


In addition to planning meals and agenda, we will also need someone to catalog all of the emails planning our meals and agenda.

Upon further review, the awesomeness associated with next week’s vacation is already underway. Unfortunately, I think that I already deleted some of the emails sent out for planning purposes, and I’m afraid that my silence with regard to those emails might be viewed as tacit agreement to some kind of dietary craziness. Anyway, next week, Mark, Margo and their kids Miles and Drew are coming into town. They’ll be staying part of the time in Fredericksburg, part of the time at our place, and part of the time we will all go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg.

We really, really care about food.

We really, really care about food.

To prepare for our vacation, lengthy lists, mainly consisting of items that we will eat or drink, have been drawn up. This is just one of the three or four lists I could locate. If the zombie apocalypse or some kind of North Korean nuclear strike occurs while we’re at the Great Wolf Lodge, the rest of you can suck it – while the world is going to hell, we’ll be enjoying an edemame snack and then waiting the requisite hour to swim in an indoor waterpark. And with all of those zombies wandering around and/or the high levels of North Korean radiation, I’d never be able to make it the .9 miles to Walmart or Starbucks to resupply.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 9.58.35 PM

That’s almost a 15 minute walk. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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