A Simple Home-Improvement Project Goes Wrong. Again.

Our latest renovation project. We had planned to repaint the ceiling of our porch, only to find out that mother nature had ruined that plan


I’m no expert, but I don’t think paint isn’t supposed to peal away like wallpaper. Or that sheetrock is supposed to have mold spots on it. Time for trip number one to Home Depot…




Luckily for us, and unfortunately for Jim, we were able to draw others into help us finish our “simple” project. Jim removed nails with much more conscientious regard for McKenna than I would have had.


The next step involved us replacing the torn down sheetrock with the cheapest plywood we could find. Once we took down the sheetrock, we realized that animals could totally climb into our house. That’s why we put our fastest circular saw operator, Brian, on the job.


Now that the wood was cut, it was time to take some time off to pose with power tools for our upcoming “Bad Teachers” calendar. 


The first board is away! The first board is away!

It's saw twice, measure once, right? Right?!

It’s saw twice, measure once, right? Right?!


Unbelievably, we finished step one of the project before dark. Suck it, neighborhood animals!


Jim, contemplating the miracle that we put up the trim so that it was relatively straight without destroying any pieces.


My neck is now locked in this position.


The great thing about primer and paint is that it covered up my many, many mistakes. Granted, covering up all of those mistakes took an entire bucket of primer and an entire bucket of paint, but still.


Laura finally realized her dream of turning our house into an homage to the Grateful Dead.


Five trips to Home Depot and a fused spine later, we were done! Another simple home improvement project in the books.

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