The AP World History Reading

Once again, Jim and I left RMNP to serve as essay readers for AP World History. To score the essays, readers consume mass quantities of coffee and take several breaks, at all of which we are served food. As a result, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

First bathroom story: The bathroom below, located in the cafeteria, has a lock. At one point though, I barged in on a guy who had not locked the door. After I apologized, he replied, “that’s OK, I consider this to be a two person bathroom.” Wait, WHAT?!

This is a an actual picture of the bathroom. Yes, I took an actual picture of the bathroom. Anyway, with a strong enough stream of urine, one man could use the toilet and the urinal at the same time. That automatically disqualifies any bathroom for consideration as a multi-person bathroom.

Second bathroom story: One of the guys reading the same essay that I was consistently used the urinal arms akimbo (hands on hips – see below). This just seems to me to be both reckless and inconsiderate to neighboring urinators who would be the ones to pay from any sudden fire-hose action that occurred.

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