Hiking Camp Hoover in the snow – this is how people die.

A hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia. Skyline Drive, the road leading to the hike, had just opened back up the day before. That should have been a warning.


Hiking over level ground on snow that other people had packed down – not so bad.


JASON IS LEGOLAS!! At least until it got warmer…


The beautiful scenery that we could see during the brief moments when we weren’t focusing on where to plant the next step.


At Camp Hoover.


The snow drifts were really that bad. Of course, we idiotically kept going even after this.


No one had used this trail before we got there except a hiker with snow shoes. One mile and one hour later, we knew why.


The fallen tree obstacles. We really didn’t need fallen trees to add to the degree of difficulty.


The easy ridgeline hike. Right, Jim? Jim?


The path less taken – for good reason.


Taking a break so that Jim wouldn’t die.


As usual, the hike ended with us escaping the trails and walking several miles on the road.


We survived!


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