Why the Guggenheim sucks

After our class on Thursday, I decided to visit the Guggenheim museum. The museum district isn’t as easy to get to as other areas of Manhattan, so when I finally got there at 4:30 on Thursday I was ready to see some Frank Lloyd Wright awesomeness. Then I read the sign outside of the museum – the Guggenheim is apparently closed on Thursdays. At first, I was angry at myself for not checking to see when the museum was open. After some reflection, I decided this anger was unwarranted. What type of place closes on Thursdays? Sunday? Sure. Saturday? I can see that. Monday? It’s a stretch, but plausible. Thursday is absolutely unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

To confirm my theory that places that close on Thursdays, inconveniencing me with their apparently random lack of openness, suck, I googled “closed Thursdays.” The city of Austin’s History Center also closes on Thursday. Guggenheim Museum, do you really want to have anything in common with the city of Austin? Of course not.

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