New York

The next leg on the vacation was a trip to New York City, mainly to study the progressive era as part of a school grant. As it turns out, the Progressives were pretty progressive on most issues but not so progressive on race. When it came to race they were bigoted eugenicists. So on that issue they were more like Republicans. Just kidding. Well, sort of.

I found out about the grant last summer. Laura and I had dinner with a colleague, Bobby Herting, who participated in the grant last year and loved it. Then Laura and I heard rave reviews about the grant program in the first department meeting of the year. I applied for the grant and Laura did not. Why? I didn’t tell her about it so she didn’t know. Really. That’s what she’s going with. Luckily, I also have not personally informed her of this blogs existence.

On the plus side, I was able to attend a game at the new Yankee Stadium without subjecting Laura to the sport she hates the most. See, we all win!

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