Rocky Mountain Low

Since one of the bridges we needed to cross was broken, Jim came up with the great idea of throwing our hiking poles across so that we could better keep our balance when crossing. Jim threw both of his across, and then… the worst throw in the world by me.

In the air, the hiking pole hit approximately 371 tree branches and landed in the raging stream. Luckily, the pole floated. Unluckily, the pole floated past three or four obstacles before finally stopping, seemingly out of reach.
As the picture shows, Jim went on an epic quest to reclaim the pole. Jim went after the pole like it was a Chipotle burrito. No, like it was a Chipotle burrito wrapped in a Waffle House waffle and filled with Five Guys’ fries. If it had been like one of those crappy Qdoba burritos, who knows what would have happened. Needless to say, he was successful.

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