Chipotle Odyssey

Jim and I left from Richmond at 9:30 to head to Colorado. We had a brief layover in Chicago, at O’Hare Airport. How did United Airlines repay us for our miraculous sprint through the megalopolis of O’Hare? By charging $3 for “snacks” like a granola bar. One single granola bar. You know what else costs $3? An entire freaking box of granola bars. We rejected United’s offer of the highest-priced granola bar on earth and chose to eat in Colorado.

We decided to find a Chipotle. Chipotle started in Colorado, so surely one would be easy to find. You know what? It wasn’t. Qdoba was easy to find, but why settle for a second-rate burrito when Chipotle, a restaurant founded in Colorado, must be right around the corner? And that’s how we ended up driving through half of Colorado, the birthplace of Chipotle, and into Rocky Mountain National Park having eaten no burritos.

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