Caseville had a nice beach and the water was relatively warm. Don’t let the picture below fool you – they are lying like that because it is comfortable, not because their bodies have shut down to cope with freezing cold water. That only happens at Lake Michigan to everyone except Laura and Gayle.

The only real problem with the Caseville cottage was the crazy landlady, Betty. Betty lived two doors down from the cottage and visited at every opportunity. She gave Anne an overview of the cottage that lasted over an hour and a half. Betty came back to spray pesticide while children were playing. She returned again to tell Anne the story behind each hat in her hat collection. She came by yet again to give us fire safety tips. And again, and again. Amazingly, she just wasn’t picking up Anne’s “I want to kill you” vibe.

Unfortunately, Carl had to be gagged because he couldn’t fight off his natural inclination to be nice to the landlady. She needed no encouragement.

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