Driving Stick

Finally, the big trip of the summer – the Michigan vacation. There was one problem, however. Laura’s car has almost 200,000 miles on it and my car, which has only 55,000 is a manual. That meant that Laura would have to learn how to drive a manual. Since Laura is a well-educated adult professional, clearly this would not be a problem.

As it turns out, it was a problem. To avoid going into great detail, I will leave you with this diagram. The caption would be, “You F%&#ing Drive.” The lesson: if you own a stick shift car, sell it before you get married.

Amazingly, we made it to Michigan without wrecking or getting a divorce, in spite of the fact that we had to drive through the perpetual construction on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and in Toledo and the perfect storm in Michigan.

Here is a diagram of construction in and around Toledo. I have been informed that this construction has been going on for approximately five times as long as it took the Egyptians to build the great pyramids without basic tools like the wheel.

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