A Play at The National

Next on the agenda was a play at the National Theater in DC with Anne and Carl. Anne obtained tickets for the presidential box at an auction, and she suggested that we see Mamma Mia, which Laura, of course, had never heard of. When I informed Laura that Mamma Mia was based on the music of ABBA, she didn’t believe me. Apparently, it seemed like something I would sarcastically invent. I don’t know whether to be pleased that someone would think I could be that creative on the spot or upset that someone would think that I was deranged enough to invent a play based on the music of ABBA. Really, we couldn’t have told the same story with music by The Beatles?

One other noteworthy happening at the play: the program had an advertisement for the Mamma Mia movie coming out this summer. As a result, Laura was now aware of three summer movies, an all-time record, shattering her previous mark of one summer movie that she was aware of set last year. Way to go, Laura!

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