Hiking problems

The major problem with the hike is that we got slightly off course, as the map below shows.

After climbing straight up a mountain through a field of poison ivy, we concluded that we had gone the wrong away. That’s the type of insight two master’s degrees will bring you. We doubled back, turning an 8.3 mile hike into a 10+ mile hike. We are awesome.

On the bright side, we did get Five Guys on the way back, leading to this exchange:

Cashier: (takes my order of a burger, drink, and regular fries and turns to Jim) Did you want the regular fries or large fries?

Jim: The large.

Cashier: (Confused) But he (indicating me) already ordered a regular.

Jim: I still want the large.

Cashier: But the large feeds four people.

Jim: Not today it doesn’t.

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