Hiking begins!

To start the Odyssey, I had decided to go on a hike with Jim in the mountains in the western part of Virginia. We should have known from the start that the hike was doomed to failure. Before the hike even started, the entire state of North Carolina caught fire, causing Virginia to smell like burning plastic and resulting in alarmist public announcements like “the air is harmful to breathe.” This was on top of the fact that it was literally 100 degrees in Richmond.

We went anyway, of course, and more portents of doom followed. At the morning stop at Waffle House, the normally abysmal wait staff was outstandingly crappy, forgetting to place Jim’s waffle order and then forgetting his waffle on the burner. Finally, the staff, with evident shock that Jim just would not leave, brought him his waffle.

Next, Jim’s always-reliable Saturn had an unexpected AC problem. That’s right – 100 degrees and no AC. Jim, as is his habit, swore to get a f%&#ing SUV before he remembered that he is a teacher and those damn Chinese are driving up gas prices for us Americans.

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