Hiking begins! Really!

About three miles into the hike, we encountered the first problem: blisters. Jim’s blister was not so much a blister as a hole in his heel, the type of hole that might be formed by a cat repeatedly clawing the heel for hours. Jim broke out the new skin and mole skin to solve the problem. New Skin definitely solved the problem for that day, but at the cost of intense stinging pain. Using New Skin will make you appreciate why people tortured by the Inquisition would confess to crimes they didn’t commit – because the Inquisition would put stinging-ass crap in an open wound, stuff like New Skin. Faced with the choice of turning back or the self-inflicted New Skin pain, we opted for the self-inflicted pain. I’m not sure what conclusion can be drawn from that, but I’m sure it would be awesome.

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